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Speakers & Advisors

Carolyn Pexton, Director of PR and Communications for Performance Solutions, GE Healthcare

Dr. Fadel Hamed, Associate Director, Operational Excellence, Genentech

Venkat Yepuri, Executive Director, Global Strategic Sourcing, Amgen

Miguel Miciano, Director, Business Systems and SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) Program

John Gersmeyer, Sr. Category Manager, Global Strategic Sourcing, Amgen

Manu Kapapa, CPIM

Vitaly Glozman, Partner, PRTM

Joe Dugan, VP Consulting Services - West, Capgemini

DAY 1, SEPTEMBER 11, 2008

Acute to Chronic Care - Necessitating a Paradigm Shift in Healthcare
Dr. Mahender Singh, Project Manager, Supply Chain 2020, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics
The Importance of Supply Chain Management in Achieving Global Business Vision
Dave Malenfant, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Alcon Laboratories

Managing The Supply Chain Today and Tomorrow: The Challenge
Tim Moore, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Genentech

Operations & Supply Chain Executives Panel: A Holistic Supply Chain Perspective Driving Operations

Devendra Mishra, Professor, Decisions Sciences, Pepperdine University

Tim Moore, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Genentech
Thomas Panzer, Vice President, Bayer Healthcare
Nabil Rageh, Director of the Doctor Business Admin Program at Golden Gate University
Manu Kapapa, Production Manager, Bio-Rad
Dr. Lee Schruben, Professor, University of California, Berkeley, Department of IE

R&D and Clinical Supply Chain Management Panel: “Innovation, Regulation and Drug Pipeline: Management for Profitability and Risk Abatement”
Tilmann Pruesse, Deputy Director, Operations Management, Bayer Healthcare
Suzanne Somerville, Director, Clinical Supply Chain, Genentech

Biotech Production: Flexibility and Risk Optimization
Dr. Philip M. Kaminsky, Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley

Challenges of Planning Systems and Processes in BioTech
Thomas Panzer, Vice President, Global Supply Chain, Bayer Healthcare

Manufacturing Process Panel: Improving Healthcare Quality and Cost with Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing
Fadel Hamed, Assistant Director, Operational Excellence, Genentech
Chuck Mignosa, President of Business Systems Architects, L.L.C.
Jennifer Maynard, Black Belt Operational Excellence, Bayer Healthcare
Carolyn Pexton, Director, PR & Communications, GE Healthcare

APICS Golden Gate Chapter Presents...
Aligning Strategies, Operations, Metrics, and Practices
Joe Shedlawski, CPIM, Principal, Commercial Operations, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare


DAY 2, SEPTEMBER 12, 2008

Regulatory Implications to Global Supply Chain Operations
Vitaly Glozman, Partner, PRTM

Global Contract Manufacturing: Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs
Glenn Snyder, Principal, Life Sciences, Deloitte Consulting

Innovative Operations Solutions for Clinical Trials in Medical Devices
Ruchir Sehra, MD, MBA, Vice President of Clinical Research – Kyphon/Medtronic

Securing The Information Holy Grail: Connecting Biotech Drug Companies with Distributors, Hospitals, Doctor and Patients
Paul Fowler, CMO/North America, Axway

Ensuring Agility, Adaptability and Alignment for Customer Service
Tim Warner, Principal, PRTM


SAN FRANCISCO — The Biotech Supply Chain Academy (BioSCA) has announced the launch of its inaugural conference on September 11-12, 2008 at the South San Francisco Conference Center, designed to provide an exclusive audience of senior-level executives with authoritative insights, best practices and market intelligence about the supply and distribution of biotechnology products. 

The program's theme will be "Achieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Industry Collaboration — From R&D To Patient Care.� The event will bring together professionals from biotech companies, their suppliers, clinical outsourcing companies, distributors, hospitals, doctors, Government Regulatory agencies, 3rd party service providers, academia, industry research organizations, think tanks, management consultants and NGOs. Education, networking and sharing of knowledge and experience will be the hallmark of the event.

"Biotechnology has extraordinary supply chain opportunities that reflect the increasing pace of innovation, regulatory issues, and overall distribution complexities of our industry," says Cornerstone Systems Solutions President Tim Salaver.  "Product introduction is accelerating and there is an increasing level of interest in ways that all parties can work together to maximize a supply chain that can support and sustain market demands."

A preliminary conference program will cover these vital topics:

  • Supply Chain Management of the Biotech R&D Product Cycle
  • Six Sigma Control of Manufacturing and Service Organizations   
  • Information Technology Solutions for Biotech Supply Chain Management 
  • Developing Collaborative Resilience in the Biotechnology Supply Chain    
  • Regulatory Impacts on the Biotechnology Supply Chain   
  • RFID Opportunities for Biotech Applications    
  • Collaborative Demand Planning, Rapid Replenishment & Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) Systems    
  • Human Resource Staffing and Productivity Management   
  • Waste and Transportation Management Services

Conference Co-Chairmen for this inaugural program are Professor Devendra Mishra of Pepperdine University, an internationally renowned supply chain management expert in the food, consumer electronics, entertainment and healthcare industries, and Tim Salavar who will assist in the recruitment of a conference Advisory Board, presentation review committee, and keynote presenter.

"Biotechnology provides its own, unique challenges, which is why a focused event of this sort is of such importance. Beyond general healthcare conferences, this is the single most important event of the year for professionals who are responsible for integrating processes, leveraging information, deploying technology while satisfying regulations in the patient-based supply chain. Proven supply chain principles will provide attendees and their companies with a competitive advantage and drive top line sales, while controlling bottom-line costs," says Devendra Mishra.

For more information about contributing to the conference program contact Professor Mishra at: dmishramnd@aol.com

For ongoing updates about the program, event schedule, and special events register online at www.biotechsupplychain.com

For sponsorship opportunities contact: Deborah Rice 513-895-2051, deborahr@netzero.net

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Latest News
Sep 5, 2008, 14:47

In his Biotech Supply Chain Academy presentation, Thomas Panzer, VP Global Supply Chain PS-Biotech at Bayer HealthCare, will be discussing the challenges of planning processes and systems in Biotech and will give some insight in historical developments as well as some future outlooks.

At Bayer he is responsible for the Global Supply Chain organization for Biotech.Thomas has more than 18 years experience in Sales and Marketing, Planning, Logistics, Finance and Controlling in different industries.

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Aug 28, 2008, 11:08

Interview with Glenn Snyder, Principal, Life Sciences Strategy and Operations, Deloitte Consulting

How and when do you know it's time to outsource your biotech manufacturing overseas. Deloitte Consulting expert, Glenn Snyder will present his findings in a Biotech Supply Chain Academy presentation at the South San Francisco Conference Center, September 11- 12, 2008. Snyder has eighteen years of experience providing management-consulting services to the life sciences and health care industry. He has expertise in the areas of market/growth strategy, operating strategy, and operations improvement and leads Deloitte's Lifesciences Revenue Management service offering, which focuses on pricing, reimbursement/value-in-use, managed care, contracting and distribution of new or existing products. His scope of experience covers the biotech, medical device, diagnostics, and distribution segments of the industry. He has served companies such as Actelion, Allergan, Amgen, Amylin, Applied Biosystems, Astellas, BioMarin, Cardinal Health, Genentech, Invitrogen, McKesson and Xenogen.

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Aug 28, 2008, 11:07

Interview With Paul Fowler, Chief Marketing Officer, Axway

In his Biotech Supply Chain Academy panel presentation, Paul Fowler, Chief Marketing Officer, North America, at Axway, will be discussing how information systems are changing the ways that biotech drug companies are connecting through the supply chain directly to the patient. At Axway, he is responsible for the development and implementation of the company's global approach to healthcare and life sciences. Fowler has more than 28 years of healthcare technology experience, including ten years in direct patient care, nine years in medical diagnostic research and nine years with McKesson, where he served as vice president of e-commerce and emerging technologies and was responsible for helping improve the safety and efficiency of the nation's healthcare supply chain. He has been very active in leading the healthcare industry's advancements and adoption of emerging technologies, including co-chairing the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) Technology Leadership Council and championing RFID technologies.

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Aug 18, 2008, 12:16
An Interview With Joe Shedlawski, CPIM, Principal, Commercial Operations, Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

Joseph F. Shedlawski brings a unique perspective to the presentations at Biotech Supply Chain Academy at the South San Francisco Conference Center, September 11-12, 2008 As Principal, Commercial Operations, he is responsible for policies, practices, and metrics to maximize cost effectiveness and customer service for Wyeth Consumer Healthcare and its retail customers. Joe has over 25 years of leadership experience in many aspects of Operations Management, in both plant and headquarters environments, in the pharmaceuticals, biotech, and consumer products businesses. He has implemented and continuously refined Sales and Operations Planning processes within Wyeth and has led major projects ranging from the launch of the world’s largest selling vaccine, to the design and implementation of aligned consumer business metrics. Read More

Aug 14, 2008, 18:34

Interview with Dr. Mahender Singh, Research Director, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics

Dr. Mahender Singh will be presenting his views and findings about the impact of changes in healthcare on the supply chain at the Biotech Supply Chain Academy, September 11, 2008 at the South San Francisco Conference Center. A Research Director at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, he is currently leading two multi-year research projects that are focused on the future of supply chains and healthcare supply chains respectively. For over twelve years, he has worked on multiple global supply chain projects to analyze and redesign supply chain planning systems at Fortune 50 companies. For the past four years, he has been researching the delivery challenges faced by different sectors of the healthcare industry and has taught Operations Management at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he received his Ph.D. He also holds a Master of Engineering in Logistics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Read More

Jul 3, 2008, 13:11
SAN FRANCISCO — The Biotech Supply Chain Academy (BioSCA) has named the board of advisors for its inaugural conference program scheduled for September 11-12, 2008 at the South San Francisco Conference Center. The first-of-its-kind event is being designed to provide an exclusive audience of senior-level executives with authoritative insights, best practices and market intelligence about the supply and distribution of biotechnology products. Read More

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